Why having a side hustle is important

Akhila Ajith
2 min readSep 27, 2021

Side hustles allow you to follow your passion, test new ideas and increase financial freedom.

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We now live in an era where having one stream of income isn’t IT. In Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki, you will know having one stream of income isn’t the right the right way to go. You may have a good day job that gives you 6 figures. But what happens when you lose your job for whatever reason? Your one source of income is gone. How long are you going to depend on your savings? That is why having many sources of income is encouraged these days. There are many ways to have different sources of income. Such as investing in stocks, real estate, starting a small business or freelancing. I’m going to talk about having a side hustle in this article.

A side hustle or side business can be defined as something you do and earn extra income apart from your day job. Your side hustle can be anything. It can be a hobby that you are trying to monetize; something you are passionate about or trying whether an idea works.

Having a side hustle is always a good idea. You have the chance of starting something of your own and testing the waters. You love photography? Start freelancing! You love writing? Start a blog and monetize it! There are many side hustle ideas for you to begin with.

As of March 2020, 44 million of the U.S. population have side hustles. Side businesses are easy to start. You do not need a lot of investment in starting one (for e.g. if you are offering services like social media marketing, writing, graphic designing). Apart from what you are earning from your day job, you earn extra bucks which means increased pay and financial freedom.

But, everything do have it’s own pros and cons. Starting and maintaining a side business is great. But it might be hard for some when they have no time for themselves to relax or be with friends/family. This can cause stress and discomfort. There is also a chance where you are not putting your 100% to your regular job. Side businesses can feel like a day job for some.

So you see, weigh your options and see if it would work out. Side hustle gives you an opportunity to try new things out. It gives you an opportunity to learn and grow. It might be a success or not. Take that first step and everything else will go in the way intended (provided you do your best!).



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